March 6th 2014

In the near future we shall be launching   Healthy.CoOp      a Membership Medical Health Wellness Marketplace for Physicians and Patients.

This video is the narrative for the Physician portal of our website which is presently under construction. It provides insight to our objective.  A  patient portal will also be posted soon.

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February  16th  2014.

                   Humpty  dumpty  healthcare  

In WW2 the US Government  initiated tax subsidies to Employers who offered Health Insurance Benefits as an incentive for employment. Thus began the destruction of the "free market" system in Healthcare. Patients' choice of their own doctor was thus removed and deposited into the hands of the employer and Insurance agency of his choice. Simultaneously, unfulfilled promises of reasonable, prompt remuneration for their services led Physicians to gradually surrender their birthrightand commitment to DIRECT, collaborative, compassionate care acceptable (or not !) to their patients.

Slowly over the past 70 years Government has added nothing but insult to injury. The creation of Government subsidized Health Management Organizations (HMOs) also produced rationed care through capitation, gave the Insurance companies the green light to set prices for physician services and to determine which services would be "covered" and which not. Now the patient was set against doctor as well.

In 1965 came Medicaid and the Government's turn to set inordinately low physician fees and to determine covered services for the poor and destitute. Concomitantly arrived Medicare. Funded by the taxpayer, employee and employer alike, to assist those in need in their retirement, we now understand that Government itself has plundered Medicare to the point of early extinction of the program.

Today, in an effort to curb the bludgeoning cost of healthcare, now 20% of GDP, the government has placed the burden squarely on the shoulders of the physician whilst ALL of the other providers, those who receive care, and the Medical Malpractice Lawyers who feed on it, are exonerated. Further reduction in Physician Fees continue to be promised. Voluminous new regulations which incur huge administrative costs and severe penalties for non compliance including inadvertent coding errors, threaten physicians with felony prosecution.

So, where do we stand? Physicians stripped of their professional autonomy, ethically insulted by Government, incentive to continued quality care vanishing, yearning for early retirement. And --- the Public, the Patients, able under present circumstance to anticipate only more costly, less than adequate healthcare (certainly not the best in the world, as promised).

Indeed we are clearly buried in the abyss of HUMPTY DUMPTY HEALTHCARE..... and All the King's horses and All the King's men cannot (and should not attempt to) put Humpty together again.

But despair not for there exists a solution, a singular solution to this catastrophe. Physicians and Patients must RE-UNITE in a FREE MARKETPLACE, one in which there is no Third Party interference of any description. Here and only here can patients receive and physicians >provide collaborative, compassionate, transparent, respectful, sustainable and affordable health and wellness care.... affordable because the burdensome chains of government accountability are divested.... the Physicians and Patients are accountable only to each other.

They cannot accomplish this alone. As members of a TRUE COOPERATIVE however, one that engages quality Physician enrollment, co-ordinates patient visits, seeks out best pricing for other services, records, monitors and assures positive outcomes of care, provides ADVOCACY service for those that request it, in an environment where MUTUAL MEDIATION for conflict resolution is mandatory, exclusive of interference from costly litigation, this then offers a superlative opportunity for all round satisfaction.      Such opportunity exists now!

Healthy.CoOp is a true co-operative that soon will be launched in the marketplace. It will offer all of the above features. We hope in the future to also address the issues of Medicaid and Medicare.

With your participation, assistance and trust Anything is Possible.

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 February 9th 2014

Few will deny that the Healthcare System in the US is broken. A failure economically, failed in its responsibility to provide quality Health and Wellness care to its citizens and a failure by Government to limit its responsibility solely to help the truly indigent, permanently injured and incapacitated of our society, and finally ....... a failure to limit dependency on Government.

Some argue that ours is the best system in the world. Yet the World Health Organization (WHO) rates the US only 37th in overall performance worldwide at a consumer cost which is twice as much, yet carries the lowest satisfaction level compared to any other country. In addition, even in the absence of any constitutional provision for it or the moral ground to stand on, 61% of Americans believe that access to healthcare is their right rather than the privilege they enjoy. Some, providers and consumers alike,  proceed to abuse this privilege.

" The Road to Hell is NOT paved with good intention"

Many hospitals, drug companies, medical device and other related providers are consumed with self and the pecuniary interests of their chief executives to the detriment of saving lives, alleviating disease and reducing complications of care. They hide information when newly developed products fail to meet expectation or worse still produce serious side effects. Their allegiance is not toward the greater good. Healthcare costs could otherwise diminish rather than continue to spiral upwards.

Patients are also culpable, especially those of the mistaken belief that Insurance permits them "free" care. This concept limits a patient's willingness to control the costs of unnecessary care. Do patients ever ask "Does that sound right?" Is that the correct thing to do?" or "Should I not have some Advocacy before I decide to proceed?" Sadly most costs eventually land at the feet of the taxpayer.

Insurance is only for the Insurers.

Today Insurers are no longer able to deny payment for pre-existing conditions (except for Medicare patients). They claim a necessary 2-3% profit (over and above some outlandish salaries of their executives) to survive prevent self destruction. Given the aforementioned scenario Insurance premiums have risen not declined and, will continue to do so.

So where to cut costs?

Presently there is no mechanism to leverage the abovementioned providers . The easiest target for Government is as always the doctors, albeit they account for only 13% of all Healthcare costs. Physicians resent not having any significant fee increases in years, indeed since 1985 remuneration has diminished by 30% whilst costs of practice have steadily increased. There is no recognition or remuneration for expertise or experience. The recent Pay 4 Performance Government initiative offers physicians who meet their criteria a 2% fee increase, but requires that all physician fees be first reduced by 2% to cover costs? Documentation for this initiative is onerous and expensive and the net gain for physicians, negative or zero.

Physician and especially Surgeon availability to provide care is soon to become a problem of epidemic proportion. Surgeons over the age of 50 outnumber those below. Many are anxious to retire early. Enrolment in Medical Schools particularly in the Surgical Speciaties is declining as is quality of the enrolees.

Doctors' offices are being progressively burdened with expensive administrative requirements to the extent that many now consider early retirement. The 20-30% of phyisians who belong to the American Medical Association (AMA) receive little assistance. Many physicians consider the AMA to be a puppet of the Government.

And finally the straw to break the camel's back, litigation wolves in the background grovelling to extract the last pound of flesh.

Yet despite all of this doom and gloom there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a solution that clearly is not the PPACA (Patient Protection andAffordable Care Act). This solution will not only improve quality of care and consumer satisfaction but also diminish the costs. Simply put, it requires the patient and the doctor to come into a direct interface relationship without third party interference of any kind. This is not insurance nor does insurance play any role here. Patients will pay directly, only for the Health and Wellness care that they receive, not for future promises of care. There is every expectation that such care will be collaborative, compassionate, transparent, respectful, sustainableand financially affordable. Patient advocacy will be available to anyone requesting it. Neither Doctors or Patients can accomplish this alone, however together as members of a true co-operative everything is possible.

We believe that Indigent Care should be the responsibility of Government and that only catastrophic illness requires Insurance coverage.

In my next blog I hope to provide further details that will convince you to join us!

We are anxious to gain your trust.



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                      Seldom is the term   " The fact of the matter is......"

                                         followed by a true fact. 

                                                                                             -----  Maurice Pockey.

       January 27th 2014

Rainfall in Death Valley is minimal to say the least. Approximately every 60 years however when conditions are perfect in Spring the Desert explodes into a carpet of flowers as far as the eye can see. In March of 2005 I had the opportunity to photograph such a spectacle.
One of the next Galleries that I upload on this site will feature Death Valley.
Check  for conditions here this spring.



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